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Living, rethought

Metropolis, redesigned

We live in the "century of cities". All over the world, the demand for uncomplicated, sustainable, smart, and contemporary urban living solutions is growing. At the same time, the number of one- to two-person-households continues to rise. Savvy offers innovative solutions that meet tomorrow's requirements today: clearly structured, carefully designed apartments with a variety of digital features that make everyday life as easy as it gets.

Urban scene, reexperienced

The Savvy concept is based on vision, quality, and sustainability. Our motto? Make innovations, not compromises: efficient but comfortable, central but affordable, homely but digital – choosing Savvy means choosing a new, contemporary way of urban living. The formal living room is reimagined into a versatile living space, the classic neighbourhood becomes an active community – always in the midst of the most vibrant districts of Germany’s hippest cities. Savvy emphasises environmentally friendly living with heat supply in the tariff "Fernwärme Natur", a supporting solar energy system and an energy-saving KfW-55 building standard.

Space, reinvented

comfortable high-quality equipment

compact and sophisticated design

app-operable features (e.g. parcel acceptance, laundromat)

central location, excellent infrastructure

lively, diverse community

easy, flexible, and digital leasing

Personal contact

Ansprechpartner Vijayakumaran

Janagan Vijayakumaran

Janagan is your direct contact for all matters concerning the Savvy studio apartment. With several years of experience and great organisational talent, he draws up contracts, coordinates various service providers or handles any questions that may arise. He’ll be happy to take care of all your concerns.

Ansprechpartner Greimel

Tassilo Greimel

Tassilo is also in charge of contracts and communication matters. Most of the time, he coordinates his tasks from Savvy's headquarters in Munich, but he is also regularly available on site throughout Germany.


Hamburg Uhlenhorst

Opening 2024

Coming soon

Cologne Ehrenfeld

Opening 2025

Coming soon

München Haidhausen

Opening 2024

Coming soon

Berlin Friedrichshain


Düsseldorf Oberbilk

Opening 2023

It’s in your hand

The Savvy app is packed with convenient features. Easily view important documents, report any damage, or see what’s new on the notice board. The app also offers a collection of relevant information and important contact details, such as caretaker or cleaning service. In addition, you can find information about the in-house restaurant and useful tips for exploring the surrounding area. You can also use the app to exchange information with your neighbours: simply create a profile and post your concerns.

Savvy as a business partner

The job market is constantly becoming more digital – and thus, presents employers with ever new challenges. Savvy supports you in attracting talents and young professionals from all over the world, by offering them attractive, well located housing options.